What Women Really Want from Men: A Step-by-Step Dating Manual

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About the Book
Men sometimes feel confused about how best to date when they re-enter the dating scene in their 30s – 60s. They may find themselves saying: “I just don’t understand what women want…”What Women Really Want from Men: A Step-by-Step Dating Manual offers a road map for smart, straight men who’d like to find and establish ongoing, satisfying relationships with attractive women they enjoy and respect. Based on interviews with women around the TU.S. and abroad, Melanie Rubin shares exactly what women want from men at each step in the dating process.
  • Key points are presented in “Dos” and “Don’ts” boxes with bulleted lists.
  • The range of what women want is illustrated in boxes of “Quotes” from interviewees.
  • 13 “Mastery Topics” help readers fine-tune their dating skills and troubleshoot to reach their goals.
  • The book is graphically designed with a full-color interior and photos to make reading easy on the eye.
  • A detailed Table of Contents makes it simple to jump directly to any subject of interest.

Although the first audience for the book is men, the author believes many women will find it helpful – to give to male friends or family members, boyfriends or partners – or to read themselves. She says:

“Women sometimes don’t know what to expect or do when they re-join the dating world after a break. I know I didn’t. What Women Really Want from Men helps women learn from other women what they might anticipate at different stages in the dating process. Lots of women also have a hard time understanding where men are coming from – and how guys experience dating and relationships differently – just like men have a hard time understanding how women think and feel about dating and relationships.

Much of this information can help people who are already in relationships, since the things that make men and women feel good during dating need to keep happening during a relationship in order for it to be successful. I hope this book will serve as a bridge between men and women, helping with the process of ‘cross-cultural communication,’ so that everyone wins.”

Rubin began work on this book after several years of dating following the end of a long-term relationship. Her intention and hope was to cultivate a better understanding of dating for herself – and, in the process, to help others with dating success – both men and women. The idea for the book came out of a conversation with a guy friend when they were discussing the trials and tribulations of dating. He said: “I don’t want to read another book written by a man about dating. Why don’t you write one?” Rubin decided to do just that.

Comedy/Magic Shows Based on the Book

In Albuquerque, where Rubin lives, a special launch of the pilot version of What Women Really Want from Men took place Valentine’s Day Weekend and St. Patrick’s Day weekend of 2015. Melanie and career magician, comedian, and mentalist Max Krause collaborated to present a hilarious comedy and magical adventure based on key points in What Women Really Want from Men. Using tricks, comedy, and music, Rubin and Krause offered a unique celebration for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day at Max’s Magic Theatre in Nob Hill, www.maxsmagictheatre.com. Audience members received treats, gifts, and surprises.

This show is also available for touring.

Praise for What Women Really Want from Men: A Step-by-Step Dating Manual by Melanie Rubin:

“I had both big laughs and sad moments going through the first couple of chapters and getting ‘ahas’ about past dating and relationships. With this information, maybe it’s not too late…”

Tom, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Somewhere between rocket science and common sense, this book offers men a practical game plan for successful dating, relationships, and sex. I work with many men who struggle with relationships. Beyond the step-by-step information, Rubin clarifies important psychological concepts, making them accessible for men who are seeking positive results.”

Don Fineberg, M.D., Psychiatrist, Santa Barbara, California

“…a great resource for men who are getting back into the dating game. If I’d had this after my divorce it would have saved me time and bad decisions.”

Seth, San Francisco, California

More Information About the Author

The author is based in New Mexico but travels frequently around the United States and overseas for her work as Associate and Training Director of the Albuquerque-based non-profit, Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB), www.acuwithoutborders.org. She used her trips around the United States as opportunities to interview people from other parts of the country for the book. AWB works with acupuncturists to offer trauma recovery services nationally and internationally after disasters, wars, and other traumatic events. A portion of the sale of each book will be donated to support volunteers who treat trauma in the U.S. and abroad.