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WORKSHOP SERIES: Energy Techniques for Thriving in a Complicated World

Today’s world is complicated. It can be challenging to keep your personal balance and sustain a healthy attitude of empowerment and hope. This series is designed to give you simple techniques you can use every day to maintain positive energy no matter what is happening around you, while you keep moving forward in a way that is aligned with your sense of purpose.

For information and to register contact: Melanie Rubin, 505-261-3214,

Sessions are Thursday nights, 2017, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at The Source, 1111 Carlisle SE., Albuquerque, NM, 87106

Cost is $199 for the 12-session series in advance, $109 for 6 sessions in advance, or $20 – $30 at the door for each session, on a sliding scale. (NOTE: We are offering the first session on March 2 for $15 – $25, sliding scale at the door, as a benefit to introduce everyone to the series.)

Each session is stand-alone with a handout of techniques to use at home, either given at the workshop or emailed shortly thereafter.

All sessions share practical, simple, joyful techniques to support you in creating peace, ease, and progress in your life.

Session One: March 2 – Shaman Jean Dominguez, Initiated 4th Level Priest & Wisdom Keeper, Peruvian Incan Tradition

“Releasing Negativity to Experience Positive Flow”
1. Protecting yourself from negative energies – and having a porous boundary that allows in beneficial energies.

2. Clearing your energy field when you have taken on negative energies.


Session Three: March 30 – L’Aura Bodmer – Traditional Hawaiian Healer
“How to Create New Possibilities Through Right Action, No Matter What is Happening in the World”

1. Ho’ opononpono Hawaiian practice – active compassion in all circumstances

2. Kala Kala Hawaiian practice – taking responsibility for clearing your own limiting responses


Session Four: April 6 – Charey Fox – Kinesiologist, Voice Dialogue, EFT, and Soul Constellation Practitioner
“Personal Empowerment with Beliefs that Support Your Happiness and Success”

1. Learning the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

2. Using EFT to change limiting beliefs


Session Five: April 13 – Yvette Nary, LMT and Shamanic Practitioner, and Janice Noehulani, Relationship Coach
“Clearing Your Energy System to Maximize Vitality”
1. How to use a pendulum to sense energy movements and clear energy

2. Clearing chakras to optimize energy flow


Session Six: May 4 – Charey Fox – Kinesiologist, Voice Dialogue, EFT, and Soul Constellation Practitioner
“Releasing Perceived Limitations for Greater Freedom and Strength Using Soul Constellations”
1. Using soul constellations to see patterns

2. Knowing what energy you’re feeling is yours, and what is someone else’s – and how to release what is not yours


Session Seven: May 11 – Charey Fox – Kinesiologist, Voice Dialogue, EFT, and Soul Constellation Practitioner “Transforming Self-Blame into Self-Worth for an Expanded Life”
1. Handling inner violence.

2. Building a deep feeling of self-worthiness and self-love


Session Eight: June 1 – Melanie Rubin, M.Ed, Certified Coach, and Dana Darrow, LCSW, MSW
“Shedding Grief to Experience Peace and Enjoy New Possibilities in Your Life”
1. What is grief, when do we experience grief, and how does it function in our hearts and minds?

2. Simple techniques for clearing grief without drama


Session Nine: June 8 – Yvette Nary, LMT and Shamanic Practitioner
“Understanding Your Dreams for Keys to Positive Action”
1. Learning how to understand what your dreams are telling you.

2. Working with this information to reveal intuitive knowledge that will help you take positive action in your life.

Session Ten: June 29  – France Sarradon, MA, LPCC, LMFT and a Colleague from the
NM Relationship Enhancement
Ò Institute
“Simple Listening Skills to Create Joyous Relationships”
1. The Relationship EnhancementÒ approach to healthy relationships

2. Using RE listening techniques for excellent communication in all relationships


Session Eleven: July 6 – Jean Dominguez – Initiated 4th Level Priest & Wisdom Keeper, Peruvian Incan Tradition
Clear your Mind, Forgive, and Shed Fear to Move Forward with Grace
1. Forgiveness – forgiving self and others, and techniques for shedding fear

2. How to clear an overactive mind


Session Twelve: July 13 – Tammy Chino – Intuitive and Energy Healer
“Tapping into Multi-dimensional Spiritual Realms and Different Vibrational Resonances for Freedom and Healing”

1. How to connect with the multi-dimensional spiritual realms that exist beyond three-dimensional reality.

2. Specific musical/energetic resonances that support healing and growth.



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