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For Guys, Bill Cosby on Girlfriends and How to Begin a Marriage

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Dr. Helen Fisher’s Ted Talk about the Brain Chemistry of How People Fall in Love

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Dr. Fisher studied tens of thousands of humans and their brain chemistry, and determined that people fall into four main personality/brain chemistry patterns – and that peoples brain chemistry patterns determines who they are most likely to fall in love with. She then worked with to create a new dating web site built on these principles, which is

The list of basic patterns/types is at 6:25 into the Ted talk – but I think the whole thing is worth watching – also in understanding how people do or don’t work well with specific others in the workplace, what motivates individuals, etc. The whole thing is 22 minutes long.

You can take the test at and see what type you fall into. I bet I know. It’s the same type I tested out to be on the quiz.

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