I believe everyone deserves love – and that there is no greater force in the world than people loving each other.

This Web site is for men and women who want to know what works in dating to find and create great relationships.

I hope this site will help you know what to DO and how to SEE things from a man’s perspective, if you are a woman, and from a woman’s perspective, if you are a man. We’re really different animals. But, in the end, we want many of the same things – love, acceptance, sex, and companionship.

(Although my focus on this site is heterosexual relationships – because that’s my personal experience –  I believe EVERYBODY deserves love. So I’m hoping to work on Web sites for couples with different orientations in the future. In the meantime, I hope anyone who is dating will find something on this site that is fun or useful.)

I’m all about helping you find the love you’ve been looking for, with more fun, in less time, and with less stress and heartache.

Along the way, I hope you’ll have fun with this site – I’m also all about fun! (You’ll notice I entertain myself by including lots of pictures of flowers and other beautiful things that I love.)

Dating is different now than it was ten, twenty, or fifty years ago. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly why it sometimes seems so much more complicated and difficult…..

Online dating is huge – more and more people go looking for love again after being married once or twice before, and raising kids. And many people are looking for a new partner while they’re still raising kids. Meanwhile, gender roles in the workplace are changing, but gender roles in dating and relationships are still, in many ways, similar to how they were decades ago. And meanwhile life goes faster and faster and can seem very stressful, with financial and time pressures that our parents didn’t know.

So, dating these days can be very confusing, and it’s sometimes hard to know the rules of the game.

I’ve experienced several years of dating myself since ending a long-term relationship. When I started I felt pretty confused at times about how to do “the dating thing.” It seemed to me like men were a foreign culture, and I didn’t understand the norms and taboos of “cross-cultural communication.” I’ve made a lot of mistakes that felt disastrous at the time (although most of them are pretty funny now looking back.)

As I continue to learn more about dating, I’ve read articles and books. I’ve also talked to men and women about what men are looking for, what they need from their relationships, and how they feel. In this process, I’ve come to appreciate that dating and women can be as perplexing and frustrating for men as dating and men can be for women – and that men and women often don’t understand each other’s needs very well during dating.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned about dating, and from interviewing many men and women about the dating process. And I want to learn from you, and hear your ideas as well. We’re all in this dating and relationships thing together!

I’m all about relationships. And I believe in true connection between authentic people, and real intimacy of all kinds.

If you’re a good man or woman who wants real friendship, sex, companionship, and ultimately love in a relationship, I believe you deserve to have those things. You don’t have to be perfect or young or a  model to deserve love. I also believe you’re never too young to start learning how to be an excellent boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, partner or spouse  – and you’re never too old to find great love. Someone out there deserves to be with you!

I look forward to being in conversation with you about your experiences. I also look forward to hearing what information on this Web site is useful, and what other information would help you make the most of all your dating experiences and relationships.

With great appreciation for your time, effort, and openness, and best wishes for your dating and relationship success,