Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 5

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Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 5

Handle your mistakes – but don’t beat yourself up.

That just slows you down in addressing the situation, learning for the future, and moving on.


When you make a mistake, here’s a good thing to say:

“I made a mistake. I’m sorry for how this hurt you. Here’s what I’m doing to fix it (fill in the blank).”

And then, say to yourself, “Now, I’m going to get on with my life!”


Everyone makes mistakes. Big ones. Ones that hurt. Lots and lots and lots of them…

If any of us had our lives to do over again, we would do some things differently. Maybe VERY differently.

But, we don’t have our lives to live over again. We only have the opportunities in the future that we are creating in the present. Today, as they say, is the first day of the rest of your life.

So, an important part of loving yourself is forgiving your own mistakes – learning from them – doing what you can to make things right – and then MOVING ON.

If you don’t learn to forgive yourself for your “mistakes,” how will anyone else learn to forgive you? You need to lead by example.

When you notice that you’ve made a “mistake,” here are some good steps to take:

  1. S – T – O – P ….. SLOOOOOOWWWW down. Notice the impact and the damage.
  2. THEN, forgive yourself IMMEDIATELY.If you don’t, you are likely to KEEP causing damage to yourself and others as you deny what you did, or keep beating yourself up. STOP IT. Beating yourself up doesn’t help ANYONE. No matter what they tell you.
  3. APOLOGIZE – It can be simple. You don’t need to spill blood over it.
  4. FIX IT IF YOU CAN or minimize the damage if you can’t.
  5. NOTICE WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED FOR THE FUTURE so you don’t have to make the same mistake again.
  6. MOVE ON…..


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