Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 4

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Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 4

What do you like about yourself, inside and out?

Make a list. You don’t need to let anyone else see it.

Remind yourself of what you like about yourself every day.

You need to become not only your own best friend, but your own best cheerleader, coach, and mentor. If not now, when? Start with what you DO like and appreciate about yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – and go from there.

I’m not kidding. Make a list. No-one else needs to see it.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating yourself.

I’d like to say that again: no matter what we’ve been taught, there is nothing wrong with appreciating ourselves.

This is not a sign of egotism or selfish pride. It’s also not an indication that you lack humility.

If you can’t appreciate and respect yourself, it is unlikely others will either. You need to know your own skills, blessings, and gifts to be able to use them well – in service to yourself, and to others. Can a bird fly if it has no awareness of its wings? No.

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