Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 3

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Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 3

Give yourself the love and understanding you wish from others:
compassionate love – and tough love, without judgment.

How can you be your own best friend, every minute of every day?

We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. This is, perhaps, a cruel fact of life. We live in a “hall of mirrors,” with life mirroring back at us the thoughts and feelings we hold in our own minds, hearts, and bodies.

If we want others to treat us better, we need to treat ourselves better first. We show them the way.

So, if you want love from others, become your own best friend. Learn to notice when you are beating yourself up. It is a habit which is deeply ingrained in most of us. How can you learn to listen to what you are telling yourself, about yourself, and speak to yourself kindly, as if you were your own best friend in the world?

What can you appreciate about yourself RIGHT THIS MINUTE? What can you be grateful for about yourself RIGHT NOW? Appreciation and gratitude are the most powerful levers to shift your inner climate. They won’t take away your awareness of what you need to do or change about yourself or your life – they will just help you love yourself NOW as you are, which is an essential first step.

This is simple. But it takes lots and lots and lots of practice. So, it is not easy.

Your mind will come up with many “buts” – about the mistakes you have made – about the reasons why you are at fault, or are not “worthy.” Bring your attention back to what you are grateful for about yourself and your life – and start from there. Otherwise any changes you make will be like building a new building on quicksand. Your strong foundation needs to be loving yourself. And loving yourself is a daily practice, and a work in progress.

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