Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 1

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Get Ready for Love: Loving Yourself – Post 1

First Topic: Loving Yourself

If you want real love in your life, the first person you need to love is yourself. This is true for all of us. How can you be who you really are – and love yourself NOW as you are?

After that, you might want to make some adjustments to be your best self. Why not do this according to who YOU want to be, not anyone else’s standards, accepting all the “imperfections” that make you unique and special?

Putting some attention on offering your best self – to yourself and others – can help you love and respect yourself, no matter who is in your life, or what anyone else does or doesn’t do. Offering your best will also help you attract the perfect match for you, or be the best partner you can be in a relationship.

We are all “works in progress” as long as we are in this life…

In this series of blog posts, spread out over several months, I’ll explore the topic of YOUR BEST SELF – and how to become that person, according to your needs and wishes. Each week of posts will address a different topic.

To start with, let’s look at the topic of Loving yourself NOW as you are.

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