Why He Disappeared

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Why He Disappeared

by Evan Marc Katz

Though this book is written for women, I think it’s useful both for men as well as women. It takes readers inside both the female and male brain, and facilitates better understanding all the way around since, as we have so often been told, men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.
For me, as a woman, it demystified in simple language some of the things I was doing ineffectively in my relationships with men. It also helped me appreciate and communicate better with men, not only in dating and romance, but in my friendships and business relationships as well. Being a better partner, friend, and colleague with men is not about compromising myself as a woman: it’s simply about appreciating our differences and being wise and informed about how men think and feel. In some ways, it is a study in “cross cultural” communication,
The book is useful for men who are dating because Evan references what behaviors women are looking for when they are dating. And I think it is useful for men to know what confuses women about men, when they are dating, and in general.
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