Naked: How to Find the Perfect Partner

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by David Wygant

Recently I interviewed a man who was frustrated with dating because he said that the way women present themselves online, and even at the beginning of a relationship, is not who they turn out to be further down the road.

David Wygant tackles this problem in Naked. He asks: “Are you sick and tired of trying to make your relationships work? Have you had enough of putting your own needs and desires on the back burner while you try to fulfill those of someone else? Here’s the reality of the situation: dating is not about trying to make things work, and it’s not about putting off the things you want. What dating is all about is finding the person who is the best match for you. The problem is that too many people aren’t willing to get naked, that is, to be honest with themselves and with their prospective mates. They hide who they really are inside, become frustrated with their partners, and then the relationship ends up on the rocks.” In this book  Wygant helps you attract the kind of people you want to meet, date, and build long-term relationships with.

The book includes these topics: how to speak from your heart, how to understand exactly what you want out of life, and how to communicate honestly-with yourself and with your mate.

I also recommend Wygant’s book for men, Fearless Code, available on his Web site,

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