Let’s Go for a Walk

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Let’s Go for a Walk

Find out what you have in common with Michael Phelps, 18-time gold medal Olympian – and how this can help you find the match of your dreams and create a fantastic relationship.

Each morning as soon as I get up I go out for a walk. Often I walk only for 5 minutes, but sometimes I’m out for as long as 20 or more if I really need to percolate. While walking, I do three things which focus my mind and heart to attract success:

1. Gratitudes. I ask myself, “What am I feeling grateful for right this minute, about what ever happened yesterday, and about what is happening today.” It’s always a long list right away.

2. Action steps. What three steps am I going to take today toward my main goal? (which in my case at the moment is finishing the dating book I’m writing, and creating a dating coaching/seminar business – for you, the goal might be finding a great match and creating an excellent relationship!)

3. Feeling as if I’m Already There. Then I ask myself: “How will I feel, and what will be happening when I have reached my primary goal?” I Imagine that I am there already. I see it, feel it, touch it, hear it, taste it.

But what does this have to do with Michael Phelps? I’m getting to that.

I come back from these walks super charged for the day and programmed for success. On these walks I also often have important ahas about my life, and what is important for me next.

In this series of blog posts I’ll share with you some of the things I realize about dating and life while I’m walking.

And after each walk I write down my action steps for the day, and any other realizations that popped in while I was walking.

Why does this work?

First of all, it’s a FAST way to get grounded and positive.

Research has shown that happy, successful people focus on what they’re grateful for A LOT. And they believe in their vision, and keep putting practical and emotional energy into it. For more info, seeĀ www.happify.com.

This little routine is all about creating a positive mindset for yourself, and taking the next steps, in a manageable way, to take you toward your goal.

Now here’s the Michael Phelps part. Do you remember how he used to wear headphones until the very last second when he was getting into the pool? He was listening to the Star Spangled Banner, what he would hear AFTER he won! And he was feeling how he was going to feel when he won that medal, and was listening to that music.

THAT’S what creates success (however you define success) – feeling the feelings you will feel when you succeed. Feeling like you’re already there turns you into a magnet that pulls toward you the realization of that vision or dream.

It worked for Michael Phelps…

Now, of course, it’s not JUST about feeling as if you’re already succeeded. But when you can already taste, smell, touch, hear what success will feel like, you’re much more likely to take the necessary steps that will get you there. Like training for the Olympics a gazillion hours a day for years…

Or, the second part of this morning walk routine: goal setting, in bite-sized pieces, for the day.

When you’re out walking you’re already in action. And just being able to walk, and to see, hear, and feel are gigantic things to be grateful for in life.

But this routine can also work for people who are in a wheelchair, or even in bed. Then it helps to visualize being in nature.

In a future blog post I’ll talk about a simple, fast routine I do every night when I get into bed that helps program my mind, body and spirit for peace and success.

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