Ladies: How to Make a Man Happy on the 1st Date

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Ladies: How to Make a Man Happy on the 1st Date

So, what is a man looking for from you when he takes you out on a first date?

Whether it’s just a date for coffee, and you’ve never met each other before, or he’s taking you out to dinner, he’s spending his time, and usually his money, to go out with you.

Put yourself in his shoes for a moment: He’s gone to the trouble to set this date up, gotten himself out of the house and there to meet you, and may be a little bit nervous.

So, what is going to make him feel glad he went on this date with you?

Here are some of the things a man is looking for on a first date with you. If you do these things, you will not only have more fun, you’ll be more likely to get asked out on a second date.

  • If you’re meeting him, be on time for the date, relaxed, and ready to interact. If he’s picking you up, be ready when he gets there.
  • Dress attractively. Whatever the situation, men like beauty. And, honestly, they like to see a woman’s shape – bust, derriere, legs. Even if it’s a coffee date, wear something that flatters you. You don’t have to be racey, but show a little leg and skin. Fitted jeans are great.
  • Give him a hug when you meet him if you feel comfortable doing that.
  • Smile at him and make eye contact.
  • Listen to him and laugh at his jokes.
  • Give him your full attention: Don’t be on your cell phone texting or calling, or looking at the television in the restaurant.
  • If it’s true, let him know by the way you sit and stand that you are comfortable being near him.
  • Be enthusiastic and happy to be with him.
  • And finally, express appreciation for the effort, time, and money the gentleman put forward to spend this time with you.


Whether you want to see someone again or not, it’s good for YOU to practice these skills in connecting with whoever you meet. By taking these steps you are not compromising yourself, or committing to anything. You are just expressing consideration and value for another human being.

So, unless the man is rude and completely unpleasant, why not make this effort to “show up” for him on your first date? There is almost always something you can appreciate about whoever you find yourself interacting with. Focus on that appreciation, and let yourself enjoy whatever there is to enjoy – and notice what you’re learning!



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